It’s crazy how you can mean the world to someone one day and then ignore each other the next.

It’s been weeks since we’ve spoken, have you felt as incomplete as I have? Is a part of you missing as well?

I am afraid to even speak these questions out loud because of the fact that I already know the answers to them.

I might not have meant anything to you but I can’t say the same. I want to hate you for everything you’ve done but I just can’t.

I just hope that deep down inside, you feel the same way about me that you once did.

In the meantime, I’ll just be waiting..

"You never loved me.
No one has ever loved me.
I don’t love myself."

Alexa Evangelista, simple haiku. (via vodkakilledtheteens)


I wish I wasn’t so annoying like I even piss myself off

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